July 9, 2019

Case Study: Best Practices For Pediatric Care Center


Although the only exclusive provider of pediatric care in the Washington D.C area had a full team of DBAs on staff, they were in the process of preparing for an upgrade and needed to better visualize their database environment, determine which systems would be ready for an upgrade, and take inventory of their machines to determine if they had adequate hardware to support the upgrade.  IT leaders at the organization realized they did not have enough staff to be able to perform an upgrade of that magnitude themselves, causing them to reach out to Solvaria for supplemental support.  We partnered with Microsoft and a regional infrastructure provider to ensure that the databases, the software required and the infrastructure were properly classified and evaluated.


With the organization having 20 servers and 75 instances, Solvaria DBAs spent about a month capturing necessary data for the upgrade utilizing a combination of automated scripts and manual query execution. Our senior DBAs integrated directly with the team the organization already had in place to gather the information needed for the upgrade and provide recommendations on which servers could be upgraded and which needed more hardware. Best practices and recommendations were created by Solvaria and Microsoft to lay out a road map detailing upgrade schedules, enhancements needed, and tuning that should be performed.


By following these standards and guidelines, the organization was able to achieve a more optimized SQL server environment with improved performance, security, and stability. In addition, our senior DBAs created a document that guided the organization through all areas of the SQL Server environment that needed improvement or could benefit from applying best practices and recommendations. Furthermore, a full diagnostic of the current organization’s systems was provided.  Finally, the Solvaria team provided recommendations for a New Enterprise Architecture and configuration to leverage Microsoft SQL server 2012 for future performance, capacity, and planning. Both the client and Solvaria agreed the project ran smoothly due to Solvaria’s expertise in both Oracle and SQL Server, and stayed on track thanks to our DBAs senior-level management skills.

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