Anyone who manages an information-driven organization knows the value of a highly skilled database management team. These people are critical to maintaining one of your business’s increasingly vital assets – your data.

Solvaria DBAs are exclusively senior-level, which gives them the experience and flexibility to work themselves seamlessly into the team you already have in place.

Solvaria provides supplemental or full-time database support and expertise designed to eliminate the single point of failure in many database environments.

What makes us uniquely qualified to meet your needs? Our team of senior-level SQL Server and Oracle Database Solvarians.

Are you in need of an upgrade? Our Solvaria experts will provide an evaluation of your current operating environment and examine the possible benefits and pitfalls of upgrading. We also make migration painless, guiding you through upgrades and revisions.
When you have a single DBA on staff, we offer support when he or she needs to be out of the office. We review key processes and documentation to ensure that the information necessary to support your business is available whenever you need it.
Alleviate the burden on your internal staff. We take a proactive approach, and provide all services for a low monthly fee, even including a block for consulting that can be used to fit your needs. Management, diagnosis, and tuning: if the systems where you store your data are not well maintained, your data can be lost, altered, or damaged. Our Solvarians evaluate your applications and optimize the physical structure of your database. This includes space management, I/O distribution and parameter tuning, and more. Solvaria clients typically see a 20-60% improvement in overall performance.
Solvarians will review new or existing applications, including table/index structure, normalization/denormalization, referential integrity, database feature use and security, access and integration issues, and if needed build a new application or re-architect the existing one to improve performance and functionality.
We provide a customized full-scale audit on your SQL Server or Oracle database instances. Our comprehensive report will give you a detailed analysis of the health and performance of your servers to establish a baseline for addressing any potential performance issues.
We provide a customized full-scale audit on your SQL Server or Oracle database instances. Our comprehensive report will give you a detailed analysis of the health and performance of your servers to establish a baseline for addressing any potential performance issues.


On average, it takes most companies about five years to fully embrace a “data-driven” culture. Big transformations take time, and while the vast majority of firms aspire to being “data-driven,” a much smaller percentage have realized this ambition. Cultural transformations seldom occur overnight.

That’s where we come in. Solvaria’s team of experienced Data Scientists work with the ecosystem of personnel, technology, and process to put your company on the path to implementing Data Analytics.

To help this transformation take shape, we create a proposed roadmap for your organization, identify ROI of implementation, identify the needed personnel and skills, provide POCs to demonstrate value, and recommend an analytics architecture for success.

For organizations interested in implementing Data Analytics but needing direction on where to start, an assessment can give you a clear picture of how Analytics can not only be incorporated into your corporate culture, but also where you will get the most bang for your buck.


Our team of data scientists will work with your team to determine how data analytics can help achieve your specific business objectives through a detailed assessment of your entire organization or just one line of business. Our team will use the results of the assessment to create a detailed roadmap and proof of concept to guide you through implementation.

Have a specific analytics project in mind, but need the extra bandwidth or expertise to execute it?


Our data scientists will gather requirements, interview users, and create a proposal to estimate the scope of effort of your project. The estimate includes options for total man hours and can be executed by:

  • • Solvaria data scientists
  • • Your organization's team
  • • A hybrid of Solvaria's resources and yours
  • • Recommendation and a configuration for success

The position of Chief Analytics Officer is a fast emerging position that is pivotal in the way companies make their business decisions. A CAO not only brings actionable insights backed by data science, but also owns the resulting 'ROI'/'Impact' on both top line and bottom line numbers. If your organization does not already have a CAO, driving analytics efforts will fall to another member of your executive team who often does not have the time or expertise to maximize ROI.


Our Fractional-CAO model allows you to have a better-faster-cheaper solution in an emerging field where talent is hard to find. Our team will place a resource in an agreed-upon number of hours that suits your company's needs.

Are you building a team of data professionals?


Or have a team of junior data scientists who need a leader? Our team will help hire, help mentor, and teach the disciplines needed for your organization with the goal of it becoming self-sufficient.


This model is best suited for organizations that are already down the path of implementing Data Analytics and are now ready to train the right people to manage and maintain the ongoing initiatives.

While implementing Data Analytics into your organization can be an exciting step for your business, the back end of your systems to ensure your environment is operating at its optimal level is an equally important step to long-term success.


Here's how we can help:


• We'll handle the care and feeding of your analytics environment so your staff can focus on your business goals.


• We'll constantly ensure the platform is sized appropriately for your analytics efforts.


• We'll maintain tuning, sizing, and cost control for cloud analytics. We'll make sure your sizing is appropriate for the AU.


SQL Server Versions:

  • SQL Server 2000-2016
  • Azure PaaS
  • Azure IaaS


  • Crystal Reports

OS Support

  • Windows Server 2000-2014

Oracle Versions and Options

  • 8i-12C
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Partitioning
  • Advanced Security
  • Compression
  • APEX


  • Enterprise Manager/Grid Control
  • Shareplex
  • GoldenGate

OS Support

  • Windows Server 2000-2014
  • Linux
  • AIX
  • SUN Solaris
  • Open VMS

Additional Database Technologies

  • PostgresSQL
  • MySQL 5.6.6+
  • MySQL Workbench

Data Warehouse Support

  • Cognos
  • Qlickview
  • SSAS
  • Hyperion


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