Stav Vennikov minifig character in blue shirt

Stav Vennikov

Principal Consultant, Senior SQL Server DBA

Stav Vennikov is a highly experienced Principal Consultant and Senior SQL Server DBA with over twelve years of IT expertise. He has demonstrated proficiency in managing SQL Server environments across a variety of platforms, including on-premises data centers and cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP. Stav is adept at automating tasks, enforcing policy compliance, and troubleshooting complex database issues. His proven track record includes driving efficiency improvements and ensuring high availability and security of database systems.

Stav provides expert solutions including: optimizing performance, implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions, and enhancing database security for clients. With a strong history of managing SQL Server databases, automating DBA tasks, and ensuring compliance with strict change management and security policies, Stav has consistently delivered tailored solutions to meet clients’ specific needs and challenges, showcasing his expertise and dedication to excellence in database management.