Become a Solvarian

For more than two decades, Solvaria has sought out the region’s top IT talent to create a team of Solvarians who possess the specific expertise needed to help organizations leverage technology to better achieve their business goals.

We look for professionals who have a great commitment to drive not only their own careers, but the businesses of their clients. At Solvaria, you won’t be micromanaged. Our Solvarians work in our office, on-site, and remotely, and we trust them to trust each other, rely on the expertise of their fellow Solvarians, and help our clients in the environment that works best for them all.

Do you have a strong commitment to problem-solving, a great sense of initiative, and feel you can advance the growth of our clients and culture? Then we would love to hear from you. Send us your resume at and tell us why you want to be a Solvarian.

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