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Remote or On-Site Managed DBA Services

Alleviate the burden on your internal staff and let our team of senior-level DBAs give your database environment the attention it deserves. We take a proactive approach to monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting, and provide all services in a flexible delivery model. Our team evaluates your applications and optimizes the physical structure of your database. This includes space management, I/O distribution and parameter tuning, and more, including:

  • 24×7 platform and database professional monitoring and response notification
  • Monitor backups daily to ensure successful completion
  • Database monitoring to ensure database health
  • Monitor database object sizes and scaling fragmentation as needed
  • Monitor database / application performance and tuning as needed
  • Troubleshoot performance issues related to the database/application
  • Provide performance tuning for poorly performing queries, SSIS packages, stored procedures or outdated code
  • Migrate database objects between test and production environment based on project schedule
  • Monitor for database upgrade/patches relevant to systems / application environment (scheduled in advance to minimize any disruption and to reduce server downtime)
  • Execute and monitor routine database checks to ensure database integrity and health
  • Install upgrades to database and/or tools as needed (driven by customer to minimize any disruption to development / production efforts)
  • Monthly status and monitoring reports
  • Maintain development / QA environments to keep in sync with production data
  • Provide contact point for database-related support
  • Maintain existing documentation
  • Backup and recovery and disaster recovery planning
  • ISO and audit compliance
  • Use of problem and change management systems


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