My technology strategy is unclear.

Set the foundation for your technology strategy

Using our patented EnAvant methodology, we conduct full-scale assessments of your organization to examine your people, processes, and technology. This analysis helps you identify future objectives, understand your current state of business processes, and create a road map to reach these future goals. The assessment will seek to address the following topics:

  • What are the critical IT systems and services required to support current and future business processes?
  •  What is the current state of these systems and services in terms of:  architectural best practices, stability, maintainability, ability to scale with your organization’s growth, flexibility to adjust to changing business conditions, and quality assurance?  
  • What is your organization’s future state vision for these systems and can they deliver?
  • What are the best practices to mitigate risk and close gaps?
  • When (and to what degree) should the components of the vision be implemented?
  • What are the technologies needed to support these components? What are the training and process implications based on these technologies?
  • What is the roadmap from the perspectives of organization, processes, and technologies?

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