I'm having database performance issues.

Optimize your system resources

Are you experiencing slow or long-running queries, frequent error messages, or want your applications to run faster?

Solvaria uses proven processes to tune any database your environment supports and optimize all your system resources. Below are some of the common issues we examine when tuning your database.

SQL Server Specifics:

  • Targeted list of wait stats
  • Execution plan cache and/or Query Store to find long-running queries that may need tuning
  • Missing indexes, Fragmented Indexes, or out-of-date Statistics
  • Configuration settings (memory, file handling, and parallelism)
  • Operating system settings and disk configurations (layout, format, drivers)
  • Sufficient memory and CPU allocations
  • User activity and scheduled job executions
  • Transaction throughput
  • Overall code and design of the database
  • AWR and Stats pack reports
  • Top weight reports – such as bottlenecks- that can be tuned
  • Long-running top database in AWR for optimization
  • Storage configuration
  • Memory settings for SGA and PGA
  • Memory consumption/configuration
  • Various init.ora for config
  • Disk IO statistics
  • Transactions throughout

Tuning your databases for enhanced performance is only the first step to keeping your applications running smoothly. Solvaria can provide a detailed analysis of the health and performance of your servers to establish a baseline for addressing any potential performance issues.

Database Health Assessment

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