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Don’t risk your database security

Solvaria’s thorough security audit analyzes every aspect of your database to ensure complete protection. We look at your physical configuration and environment, along with your software, information handling processes, and user practices. Our assessment includes:

  • Possible security breaches and loopholes and vulnerabilities.
  • Most and least privileged accounts and who has administrator rights
  • Database security reporting
    • We produce reports that show what privileged users have access to
  • Database role management
  • Possible active directory use for users to log in rather than passwords

From this, we suggest changes based on best practices to put in better safety controls around user accounts and logins so you can pass audit criteria. You receive a dashboard-style report and the option for Solvaria to implement remediation. If your database security needs to be assessed, fill out the form below to contact one of our expert DBAs for more information.

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