Case Study: Elevating Global Manufacturing with Actian X Database Expertise 

November 20, 2023

Organization Description 

A leading global manufacturing company found themselves in need of urgent assistance with the Actian X Ingres database platform. This niche database platform played a critical role in their daily operations. To optimize its performance and reliability, the company sought the expertise of our team at Solvaria. Although the Actian X Ingres database is not widely used, our team of Senior Database Administrators (DBA) immediately began to facilitate solutions for the company.  

Untitled-3 Client Challenge

The manufacturing company faced a critical challenge – ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the Actian X Ingres database platform. Despite its relative obscurity, this platform was integral to their daily processes. They required immediate assistance with database tuning, upgrades, patching, and monitoring to maintain business continuity. 

Untitled-3 Solvaria’s Approach

To address the urgent needs of the manufacturing company and improve the functionality of the Actian X Ingres database platform, our team swiftly and effectively provided the following services: 

  1. Database Tuning: Our DBA team fine-tuned the Actian X Ingres database to optimize its performance, ensuring that it operated at its peak efficiency. This helped reduce latency and improve response times. 
  1. Upgrades and Patching: Additionally, our team assessed the database for necessary upgrades and patches, ensuring it remained current and secure. This helped mitigate potential vulnerabilities and enhance overall stability. 
  1. Monitoring: To keep a close watch on the Actian X Ingres database’s health and performance, our team implemented comprehensive monitoring solutions. Proactive monitoring allowed us to detect and address issues before they could disrupt operations. 

Untitled-3 Overall Impacts

The collaborative effort between the global manufacturing company and our specialized team led to significant outcomes: 

  1. Optimized Database Performance: The Actian X Ingres database platform was fine-tuned to deliver enhanced performance, reducing latency and improving response times, which translated into smoother manufacturing operations. 
  1. Security and Stability: Regular upgrades and patching ensured the database’s security and stability, safeguarding critical data and reducing the risk of potential vulnerabilities. 
  1. Proactive Issue Resolution: Our monitoring solutions allowed for the early detection and resolution of database issues, minimizing downtime and maintaining uninterrupted manufacturing processes. 

Untitled-3 Conclusion

Our team at Solvaria was proud to offer essential and efficient solutions to support a global manufacturing company in optimizing their database performance. By providing support in database tuning, upgrades, patching, and monitoring, we enabled the company to maintain operational efficiency, data security, and business continuity.  Partnering with Solvaria allowed this company to navigate their unique database challenges with efficiency and peace of mind.