Case Study: Enhancing ChildFund’s Data Security with Solvaria’s Comprehensive SQL Server Security Audit 

November 15, 2023

Organization Description

ChildFund International is a distinguished global nonprofit committed to enhancing the lives of underprivileged children through donations and sponsorships that was founded in 1938. The organization relies on their database to safeguard sensitive information crucial for supporting children worldwide.  

Since the partnership in 2013, Solvaria has been a trusted ally, providing comprehensive database and IT support services, including a thorough SQL Server audit, to ensure the security and efficiency of ChildFund’s data infrastructure. 

Untitled-3 Client Challenge

ChildFund was facing mounting security risks and performance challenges, with only one full-time Database Administrator (DBA) struggling to address the rising concerns. In 2018, ChildFund lost its only DBA and needed our support more than ever. The need for a robust and secure data management system became paramount for data security and efficient data management. ChildFund sought Solvaria’s expertise to conduct an in-depth SQL Server audit and address potential vulnerabilities and performance issues. 

Untitled-3 Solvaria’s Approach

Solvaria’s client-centered approach is clear in our partnership with ChildFund. Our talented team of DBAs committed to delivering solutions that are tailored to ChildFund’s unique needs during the SQL Server audit: 

  1. Customized Audit Solutions: In order to ensure a thorough examination of security and performance aspects, Solvaria developed tailored solutions to address the specific challenges uncovered through their SQL Server audit. 
  1. Adaptive Strategy: During and after the SQL Server audit, our DBAs provided scalable support to adapt to ChildFund’s dynamic requirements, ensuring the right level of assistance at all times. 
  1. Proactive Issue Resolution: Our team of DBAs took a proactive stance in identifying and resolving issues during the SQL Server audit, demonstrating agility in adjusting strategies for optimal IT infrastructure support. 

Untitled-3 Overall Impacts

For ChildFund, Solvaria’s comprehensive SQL Server audit services have had a profound impact on a wide range of IT operations: 

  1. Efficient Data Security: ChildFund now benefits from efficient and tailored data security measures, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive information. 
  1. Cost-Effective Solutions: By providing adaptable support and customized solutions, Solvaria’s SQL Server audit has helped ChildFund save costs while achieving robust data security objectives. 
  1. Strategic IT Preparedness: ChildFund is now better prepared to handle dynamic IT needs, with the adaptable solutions implemented during the SQL Server audit ensuring organizational readiness for future challenges. 
  1. Collaborative Relationship: The collaborative relationship between ChildFund and Solvaria has been strengthened through a mutual commitment to flexibility and adaptability in addressing SQL Server and broader IT challenges. 

Untitled-3 Conclusion

ChildFund’s partnership with Solvaria exemplifies the significance of flexible and adaptable IT services, particularly in the context of a comprehensive SQL Server audit. The ability to customize solutions, scale support, and proactively address challenges has resulted in a highly successful and collaborative partnership. ChildFund can confidently navigate the evolving IT landscape, knowing that Solvaria will continue to provide adaptable support necessary for their continued success and data security.