Case Study: Supplemental Database Support for a Cloud-hosted Software Company

January 18, 2022


When Alan Hagerman, VP of technology, was hired Solvaria was already engaged with his Cloud-hosted software company. Even though we already monitored and maintained their database environment, it was apparent to Alan that they wanted to expand their relationship with Solvaria.

“We ended up moving Solvaria into a broader role to take advantage of the breadth of knowledge Solvaria has”



Originally, the Cloud-hosted software company split the DevOps team and the DBAs, leading to  issues such as database/query changes that might not have gone along with the software changes. Solvaria worked with both the developers and DBAs, which allows them to:

  • Help better create optimized databases
  • Consider impacts of moving software changes into production
    • This is especially important, since they didn’t want a situation where a code or change was developed that required hours of database tuning
  • Work on general queries and reporting management.
  • Perform migrations and product upgraded/updates
    • When the Cloud-hosted software company changed SQL Server versions, they needed to understand what kind of conversations are happening and how to communicate to their customers any down time they may experience.

Due to their depth of experience, the Cloud-hosted software company continued to use a main consultant that works daily with their product and understands their business. Solvaria also provides an entire team to support that consultant, which offers different levels of experience and allows coverage when he isn’t available.


Now, the Cloud-hosted company truly views Solvaria as a part of their team. They’re able to reach out to the DBAs evenings, nights and weekends, and find them extremely pleasant to work with even after-hours handling a project. To watch the whole testimonial, follow the link below.