Case Study :

A Comprehensive Database Assessment for ChildFund


Childfund International is a global nonprofit dedicated to helping underprivileged children thrive. It relies on donations and sponsorships, making the management of their data and the health of their databases of the utmost importance.

ChildFund employed one full-time DBA who managed their SQL Server and Oracle environments. Relying on that single employee meant the entire system was unsupported should the DBA be unavailable. This served as a major risk for ChildFund. We provided a team of Solvarians, consisting of both senior level Oracle and SQL DBA’s, eliminating this single point of failure, and offering strategy and process for projects, upgrades, and data migrations.

Strategy & Analysis

Our Solvarians determined that a deep dive database assessment was essential to uncover threats and vulnerabilities that could impact ChildFund’s mission. We reviewed the current physical database implementation, monitored relevant metrics, and identified key issues impacting performance. Our team then had the information needed to develop a long-lasting database strategy that was capable of supporting ChildFund for the future and reacting to changes in technology.


After a six-week period of monitoring, our Solvarians uncovered performance issues impacting end users, and also potential security issues. We immediately began to make improvements on the health of the databases, making it a priority to first address issues having the biggest impact on ChildFund. Our first targets were backups and performance.

Our next priority was to eliminate the single point of failure. We provided senior Solvaria DBA’s to support the databases, with experienced professionals from Solvaria working with the ChildFund team to address monitoring and maintenance 24 hours a day. We set up alerts and monitors that allowed us to be proactive in our support. This approach ensures that all alerts are being answered, and performance issues addressed. Our Solvarians implemented a strategy that set ChildFund up for success in their data needs and will serve them into their future growth. Since 2013, our team of Solvarian DBA’s has successfully maintained all aspects of ChildFund’s databases.

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