Case Study: Database Management for Energy Forecasting Company, Tesla, Inc.

January 24, 2022

Organization Description

Tesla, Inc. is a software & service company providing extremely accurate load forecasts to the energy industry worldwide. Today, a client base of energy traders, suppliers and network system operators rely on TESLA products to help with their forecasting needs.

Untitled-3Before Solvaria

Before Solvaria, Tesla, Inc. was maintaining their IT environment without any DBAs on staff. It worked fine for a while, but as their business grew and their IT environment got larger and more complicated, they realized they needed dedicated database managers to help scale their databases.

Untitled-3How Does Solvaria Help?

The principal issue that Tesla, Inc. was experiencing was speed. Their company generates forecast data, and when the retrieval time slows down the customer experience becomes poor. They tried several ways to improve speed, such as a faster web server and increasing the amount of RAM and servers – none of which worked. Once they realized it was a DBMS issue that they couldn’t handle, Solvaria was able to come in and help.

Solvaria supports Tesla, Inc.’s database environment, focusing on data usage, scaling, management and optimization.

“”In terms of how Solvaria supports our databases…honestly, it’s a great thing for me to say that I don’t really know…I just know it gets done””

Untitled-3Overall Impacts

As the president of Tesla, Inc. and the person responsible for the database prior to Solvaria, Michael Goodman feels a great relief to not have to worry about their IT environment anymore. He knows his databases are taken care of, optimized, and able to scale when needed. To watch the video, click the link below.