Use Case: Who Should Be Managing Your Databases?

September 24, 2020


Database environments are often complex with various assets that need to be consistently monitored and maintained. Which is why it’s essential that the correct people are in charge of managing your organization’s databases. For example, if you’re a new IT leader in an organization, your first task will be to take an inventory of your environment. This includes servers, core business applications, vendor contracts and what people are in charge of ensuring everything is performing optimally. While a general purpose IT manager could handle most of the day-to-day operations of a company’s IT environment, we often find a gap in knowledge when it comes to servers and database management.

A dedicated database manager will be able to understand and monitor your database environment as well as any performance issues. As a new IT leader, going into an organization without proper staff means you’ll be spending less time on strategic thinking and projects, and more time “in the weeds” understanding the database environment you inherited. We find that when an IT leader realizes the value of their time and wants to focus on their business growth instead, they begin their search for a dedicated database staff.

A new IT leader’s inventory check often consist of servers, core business applications, vendor contracts, staff and more.


Internal Dedicated Database Manager
IT leaders seeking a dedicated database manager have multiple options when searching for the right fit. Some companies want to hire an internal database manager. We often find that this hiring process takes a considerable amount of time and resources. Initially you’ll need to understand what qualifies a good database manager and how to create a job posting that highlights your environment’s needs. This may even require bringing in an outside consultant. After figuring out what you need in a database manager, it may take months of interviews to find the right candidate along with the onboarding and training process. While this hiring process is happening, your database environment is still not being supported by the right people.

Vendor (i.e., Solvaria)
Instead, another viable option is engaging with us and utilizing our team of already expert database administrators. We’ll be in charge of judging who in our team is the best fit for your environment and be able to easily start the assessment process. Our team will act as a part of yours, but you won’t need to worry about the people aspect of hiring since they’ll still be our employees. If you did want to hire a dedicated database manager, we also offer support in finding the correct person as well as maintaining your database environment in the meantime. Your new database manager could also utilize us for special projects or after hours support as well.


We find that companies who hire a dedicated database staff find improvements in their database environment as well as their staff. These improvements include:

  • Database issues that previously went undetected beforehand can now be either fixed quickly or prevented entirely
  • Proactive monitoring also ensures less downtime and improved security for the organizations database environment.
  • The IT staff who formerly managed a database they didn’t fully understand will also be focus on specialty or strategic projects

Specifically, new IT leaders will be able to quickly understand their IT environment and focus on how to expand the teams skills and sell more of their business. Anyone managing the database alongside a new hire or vendor will also be able to rely on their expertise to assist them with database problems and support.