Our expert DBAs migrate and maintain successful Cloud environments for database performance optimization.

With experience in all major cloud platforms, our DBAs bring the database expertise your organization needs to migrate to or maintain a successful cloud environment.

Cloud Migration

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To and from the Cloud

How do you want to migrate your database with the most cost-efficiency? Wherever you are pulling your data, Solvaria will work with you to define and refine your goals for migration. After narrowing down your business’s specific parameters (no two companies have the exact same needs!), our DBAs will help move your data to or from the Cloud platform that best suits your business.
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Within the Cloud

There are many different Cloud providers. How and where are you building your database to be the quickest, most optimized, and most cost-efficient version? What are your company’s priorities? Solvaria’s DBAs can answer all these questions and more as we find the best Cloud provider for your company. Solvaria will see your project all the way through. Having so many options can be overwhelming – let’s make it empowering with the right help!

IAC and IAAS: holding data in the Cloud


IaC and IaaS

Infrastructure as Code, and Infrastructure as a Service – use living architectures that exist online in shared Cloud space. With ample storage and hands-off automation, either option has potential to be an asset to your business.
  • Provision and manage infrastructure
  • Enhance security
  • Improve cost, scalability, and visibility
  • Offers many options for service lines and software tools
  • Create flexible resources
  • Write scripts to build, destroy, or expand resources
  • Create, modify, or remove infrastructure
  • Grow as your business does
  • Reduces potential for human error
 Solvaria implements and builds these infrastructures using Terraform.

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You’re in good company.

We’ll admit it – we’re know-it-alls. Literally. Here are just a few of the Cloud products we work with:
  • Consistent, automated patching for IT Tasks
  • Reuse files and negate repetitive tasks
  • Reliably configures servers and deploys applications
  • Offers full life cycle support
  • Open source – skip the licensing fees
  • Generate scripts and performance tests
  • Offers wide selection of tools
  • Good for scalability
  • Continuous support
  • Provides data analysis without the high licensing fees
  • Clean analysis
  • Helps limit employee headcount
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Geared toward table databases
  • Stores relational data