Interview with New Hire – Sasha

December 8, 2022

Sasha McClain, our newest Solvarian, will be working as the VP of Sales and Business Development for our Atlanta market. Welcome to the team, Sasha! 

Where did you go to school? What was your favorite class or professor and why? 

[I attended] Texas State University. As a dancer and performer, my theatre classes were by far my favorite. They allowed me a creative outlet to express myself, collaborate, and build team projects united in a common artistic goal. The study of acting and movement allowed me to emphasize and identify some of my strengths; communication, improvisation, dealing with difficult people, and understanding and reading people.


What does success look like to you? 

Success is a subjective term. Success for me, is being able to make a difference personally and professionally. Success is finding a place in this world where I feel that I can contribute. Personally, I find success every day through being a loving and present mother to my daughter and being a supportive and loving partner to my husband. I find success in giving back through volunteering and supporting charities for disabled and underprivileged children. Professionally, I find success in growth opportunities, overcoming challenges, and exceeding goals. Growing through my career experiences, where I can gain new insights and life lessons.


What helps you focus and get in the groove of your work?  

First and foremost, I prioritize taking care of myself. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and habits allows me to show up to work rested, nourished, and able to focus on the task at hand. I make my work environment a focus- friendly environment through eliminating distractions and practicing time management. I stay focused on my mission and goals for the day, prioritizing and planning my day accordingly. I like to set my day up for success through developing consistency and getting into a rhythm that works, and gradually becomes a habit.


What are you most excited about with Solvaria? 

I am most excited to grow personally and professionally, through this new and exciting opportunity with a great team! I am excited to continue to do what I love, which is help people. I am an ambitious and results-oriented individual who thrives off the opportunity to help people identify and solve a problem, create value optimization, and generate new revenue. I look forward to expanding Solvaria through a direct result of my efforts, penetrating and owning the Atlanta market.


If you had a week off work to go anywhere or do anything, what would you fill your time with? 

 I would love to go to Fiji and completely decompress and enjoy island life with my family. No cell phones or distractions, just me and those that I love the most on the beach. I am a water baby, and nothing sounds more appealing (especially right now with this cold weather), than being somewhere with my toes in the sand, soaking up the sun.