5 Feature Updates of SQL Server 2022

January 13, 2023

Database server versions come and go; updates ride in and out like predictable tides. SQL Server 2022 is one of the newer updates in the data world, only recently being released to the general public. Here are 5 update buckets in the SQL Server flagship (all unique only to SQL Server 2022) to keep an eye out for: 


Performance and Intelligence 

  • Data virtualization for any data lake 
  • S3-compatible Object storage backup and restore  
  • Buffer pool parallel scan 
  • Query store – hints and replica support 
  • Integrated acceleration and offloading 
  • Hybrid buffer pool with direct write 
  • Advanced Vector Extension (AVX) 512 extension to improve batch mode operations 


  • Optimized Large memory and concurrency scalability 
  • Multi-write replication  
  • Link to Azure SQL Managed Instance – bidirectional 
  • Contained availability group 



  • Azure Active Directory authentication  
  • Microsoft Purview Integration data owner policies 
  • SQL Ledger 
  • Support for PFX certificates and other cryptographic enhancements 
  • MS-TDS 8.0 protocol and TLS 1.3 



  • Bit manipulation functions 
  • Time series support 


New Additions  

  • Express: Up to 4 cores of CPU, up to 1410 MBs of memory  
  • Standard: Up to 24 cores of CPU, up to 128 GBs of memory 
  • Enterprise: Unlimited cores of CPU, unlimited memory 


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