Doug Johnson

Senior SQL Server DBA

Doug is a seasoned IT professional with a skill set that spans Enterprise Database Administration, System and Database Architecture, Data Architecture and Data Modeling, Database Tuning, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Systems Administration, and Software and Application Development. In his role as a Senior SQL Server DBA, Doug offers a comprehensive range of services, both remotely and on-site, specializing in SQL Server consulting and client support, particularly focused on resolving SQL Server performance issues.

With a wealth of experience, Doug adeptly manages enterprise database administration, excelling in system and database architecture, data modeling, and performance optimization. His expertise extends to Enterprise Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, enabling him to harness data for insightful decision-making. Beyond databases, Doug’s proficiency in Systems Administration and software development reinforces his ability to create tailored solutions aligned with client needs. Doug’s versatile skills and extensive experience make him an invaluable team member for clients seeking SQL Server expertise and effective solutions.