Gregory Robbins with his 1972 red Chevelle

Greg Robbins

Senior Service Delivery Manager

Greg brings over a decade of managerial experience to his role as Senior Delivery Manager at Solvaria, where he leads a team of over 40 senior database professionals. His leadership style, marked by a collaborative and motivating approach, fosters a productive and cohesive team environment. Greg expertly bridges the gap between management and technical expertise, ensuring seamless resource allocation and efficient project execution. His extensive project management experience allows him to guide his team through both stable and dynamic environments, always with a focus on precision and meeting project milestones. 

Before joining Solvaria, Greg held several senior project management roles, where he developed a strong track record of innovation and efficiency. His background in research, combined with his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology, underscores his commitment to quality and innovative problem-solving. Greg’s ability to facilitate effective communication across diverse teams and stakeholders has been instrumental in driving project success and fostering a positive work environment.