Jennifer Frayser

Jenn Frayser

VP of Marketing

Meet Jenn Frayser, Vice President of Marketing

As Solvaria’s first Vice President of Marketing at Solvaria, Jennifer directs our team across marketing, branding, and communications initiatives. Her strategic vision is underscored by her unwavering commitment to delivering impactful leadership and fostering engagement. With a track record of working in high-growth companies, Jennifer is an experienced and data-driven marketer, showcasing expertise in a myriad of areas.  

Her strengths encompass the development of multi-channel marketing strategies, the cultivation of brand identity, seamless integration of sales and marketing efforts, and the art of content marketing. Her multifaceted approach not only drives Solvaria’s marketing efforts but also champions social causes close to her heart.  

Jennifer brings vision to the marketing team with impactful leadership and a passion for building engagement.