Pamala Craven

Pamela Craven

VP of Client Service Delivery

Pamela Craven spearheads the sales and service endeavors for our database consulting practice as Vice President of Client Services. In this capacity, she forges close alliances with clients and collaborates seamlessly with the Solvaria technical team to engineer enterprise-class database services. With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Pamela’s profound experience in delivering IT solutions has been nothing short of transformative. 

Since joining the Solvaria team in 2010, Pamela has left an indelible mark on the organization. Her unwavering commitment to understanding the unique needs and aspirations of her clients is at the very core of everything she does. This dedication to going above and beyond, to be a relentless advocate for her clients, underscores her professional journey. Pamela Craven embodies the spirit of excellence, playing an instrumental role in the success and satisfaction of clients she serves.