Pete Miller

Senior SQL Server DBA

Pete is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience as a database administrator, committed to creating sustainable solutions from conception to implementation. With extensive experience spanning database application design, development, and administration, Pete adeptly utilizes SQL Server Databases and an array of technology resources. Pete’s responsibilities encompass overseeing implementation projects from inception to go-live, ensuring they seamlessly align with the organization’s strategic vision.

Since 2016, Pete has been a proud member of the Solvaria team, where his contributions consistently play a pivotal role in achieving organizational goals for his clients. His unique background in information technology provides a multifaceted perspective bridging both business and IT functions, granting him invaluable insights into the successful development and implementation of business solutions. Pete’s navigates the intricate landscape of data-centric solutions to deliver both immediate effectiveness and long-term sustainability, foster innovation, and achieve strategic alignment to empower businesses to flourish.