What is the need of a DBA?

September 30, 2022

What is the need of a DBA? 

Good houses have strong foundations. Strong teams are backed by exceptional leadership. And any successful project, human or digital, begins with organized, well-communicated management.  

DBAs build that reliable base for your company. They organize, store, log, and automate data while keeping information secure. They use one platform, one language; one system for organization. Strong and simple. Not having this unity is one of the most common database issues 

Think back on your grade-school science days. In science experiments, you need a certain amount of sameness. A controlled environment in which all aspects of what you are testing are stable. The experiment will fail if you change more than one condition at a time. And the experiment can hardly be conducted if you are tracking the information on multiple platforms, in multiple languages. There needs to be a stable, measured foundation from which to manage the testing.  

Whether you are measuring plants in high school biology or conducting SQL Server Maintanence  – the same needs apply. DBAs supply consistent structure. If your business is looking to change or tweak something in your system, your DBA can focus on that singular issue. Your data is all in one space, and your protocols are clear.  

Let’s revisit the house foundation analogy. In construction we hear the word “integrity.” A good house has good integrity – it is solid, dependable. A good DBA is the same. They are consistent, exact, and efficient. There’s constant tracking of the database’s performance, and all language is consistent. And just like a house, in case of a breach or system crash, there are preemptive security and maintenance measures.  

Business leaders have long used the phrase, “work smarter, not harder.” It is smart to have a DBA, but hard work to have an incompetent DBA. You wouldn’t a beginner to lay your foundation or build your house – so why hire an inexperienced DBA for your business? This is why Solvaria tends to hire DBAs with over 10 years of experience. When your business uses one of our analysts , they are getting brilliant, experienced help.  

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