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MMT365 is a proven process for achieving and sustaining database health, empowering your team to use technology to its full potential.
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Solvaria provides a detailed analysis of the health and performance of your servers to establish a baseline for addressing any potential performance issues.
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With an unmatched level of expertise, our team has provided custom data solutions through our flexible service delivery model to companies in nearly every industry. Chances are, if you’re having a data-related issue, we’ve handled it before. Just ask our customers.
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More IT projects completed with our fCIO over 2 years for a specialty insurance provider.
Savings in staffing costs incurred by nonprofit organizations utilizing cross-database team support.
Cost avoidance by utility companies identified through an Oracle licensing pre-compliance audit.
Improvement in performance tuning and query optimization for multinational specialty insurance provider.
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We’re a small company that doesn’t always need a full time DBA in house, but our highly complex platform with critical performance and availability SLAs requires an experienced 24×7 DBA readily available. Solvaria is great to work with on everyday tasks as well as complex projects, and it’s helpful to work with a DBA team and company that is local. The face-to-face team approach combined with the knowledgeable, experienced, and responsive people at Solvaria is hard to beat.

Nathan, Product Optimization Company

Before working with Solvaria, our company had poor database server performance and insufficient internal knowledge and skills to fix and maintain it. The Solvaria team brings the skills and knowledge we need, but lots of companies could do that. Their highly-responsive, customer-centric approach sets them apart from other data services organizations and they make me feel appreciated as a client. We get everything that we would need from a full-time DBA at a fraction of the cost.

VP of North American Operations, Energy Forecasting Company

Our company had grown to the point where we needed a more professional database administration team. We had tried hiring DBAs but there was not enough consistent work to warrant having a full-time employee. When I approached my executive team with the cost estimates for replacing our previous DBA vendor with Solvaria, it was a no brainer. We were essentially getting three resources for less than what we were paying for just one from the previous vendor. And all three Solvaria resources have played an active role in our company’s growth with database technologies.

Andy, Retail Strategy Company

Our main issue was that we were consistently running into smaller problems that ended up having larger impacts. Our DBA team at the time was not up to speed on the latest database technologies and was not proactive in recommending certain changes. Solvaria jumped right in and made a point to become part of our company, not just an outsourced vendor. They quickly brought our systems up to speed and put the monitoring in place we needed.

Andy, Retail Strategy Company

A key difference between Solvaria and other database vendors is availability. It is reassuring that if I have a deployment or upgrade and I reach out to the team and ask if anyone is available, I always get back a friendly response that Solvaria is ready when we need them.

Andy, Retail Strategy Company