What is a database health check?

A database health check is a DBA-run examination of a database system for optimal speed, efficiency, performance, and safety. A healthy database can transform your business.  

Signs That a Database Health Check is Needed

Database health issues often present as long-running queries, frequent error messages, or slow application speeds. If you’re experiencing ​​server issues, downtime, or data loss, it’s time for a database health check.

A database health check can also be helpful if you don’t know what your environment is. The database assessment will provide an inventory, current patch level (or version), and a current status of your databases. This helps new IT Directors get a lay of the land. 

Finally, a database health check can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your current strategy and how your applications are interacting with your database servers.

Our Database Health Check Methodology

  • Step 1: Database Audit 

The first step in our database health check is a comprehensive audit of your database environment. This will be based on your unique setup and following the manufacturer’s best practices. We begin with a questionnaire to determine the platform (for example, Oracle or SQL), environment size, and list of any current problems.

Following the questionnaire, we run a set of proprietary scripts to generate data about your servers. We analyze this data to produce an assessment of your current database status. Then, generate a list of recommendations for improvement. 

Our assessment method requires no downtime or impact on the end user. This allows you to continue to operate as usual during the review. 

  • Step 2: Reporting

The resulting report we deliver provides a detailed analysis of the configuration, health, and performance of your database servers. The report also includes a prioritized remediation task list to update your database server to the latest version and bring it into compliance with best practices. We also produce a dashboard-style Executive Report for your leadership’s review.

  • Step 3: Next Steps

The assessment includes a prioritized list of remediation steps to address. The Solvaria team can implement these fixes and enhancements, or can support your team in applying changes to improve the performance of your servers.

Core Benefits of a Database Health Check

  • A database health check establishes a baseline for performance, and provides a detailed picture of outstanding issues to be addressed.
  • Having a list of recommended remediation steps empowers you to make informed decisions about your database environment.
  • Knowing the health and performance status of your server provides invaluable peace of mind.
  • Improving the speed and efficiency of your server often results in cost savings.
  • Improving the performance and safety of your database server will ultimately support you in better serving your customers.

Get Started on Your Database Assessment

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