What is a technology strategy?

A technology strategy is a plan that utilizes a company’s technology to achieve a goal. Fractional CIO leadership is a great resource for creating and optimizing a technology strategy

What Are The Benefits Of A Technology Strategy?

  • Long-term planning is more effective and cost-efficient than short-term, reactive action
  • Allows the technology side of your business to interact with the business side
  • Improves company business practices and IT management best practices

What Can Happen Without A Technology Strategy?

  • Overburdened DBAs “in the weeds” with no big-picture vision
  • Lack of staff expertise
  • Miscommunication between technology experts and business experts in your business
  • Insufficient IT leadership
  • Lack of formalized procedures
  • Poor service quality

What Is Solvaria’s Technology Strategy Assistance Process?

Using our patented EnAvant methodology, we conduct full-scale assessments of your organization to examine your people, processes, and technology. This analysis helps you identify future objectives, understand your current state of business processes, and create a road map to reach these future goals. The assessment will seek to address the following topics:

  1. What are the critical IT systems and services required to support current and future business processes?
  2.  What is the current state of these systems and services in terms of:  architectural best practices, stability, maintainability, ability to scale with your organization’s growth, flexibility to adjust to changing business conditions, and quality assurance?  
  3. What is your organization’s future state vision for these systems and can they deliver?
  4. What are the best practices to mitigate risk and close gaps?
  5. When (and to what degree) should the components of the vision be implemented?
  6. What are the technologies needed to support these components? What are the training and process implications based on these technologies?
  7. What is the roadmap from the perspectives of organization, processes, and technologies?

What Is A Fractional CIO?

A fractional CIO, or Chief Information Officer, develops and executes technology roadmaps that align with company visions. Like hiring a managed services DBA over a full-time DBA, hiring a fractional CIO provides experience at a fraction of the cost.

What Are Solvaria’s Fractional CIO Services?

We go through a four-phase process that begins with an inventory of critical systems:

Phase 1 – Assess Current State and Identify Potential Gaps

Phase 2 – Assess Future State

Phase 3 – Integrate Assessments

Phase 4 – Develop Actionable Roadmap

​From there, we would collaborate with your leadership team to create a unique technology roadmap that aligns with your company vision and discuss future mentorship and guidance of your internal IT team.