What is database activity monitoring?

Database activity monitoring uses a set of tools to monitor and report on a database system’s behavior. For 24/7 monitoring and support, we recommend our MMT365 Services.  

How We Monitor Database Activity

 Solvaria DBAs  have a comprehensive set of monitoring and maintenance practices that ensure your database environment runs at an optimal level, including:

  • Database backups to ensure recoverability
  • Regular index and statistics maintenance
  • Database consistency checks
  • Disk space monitoring
  • Long-running query/job alerts
  • Yearly or bi-yearly disaster recovery testing
  • Scheduled patching according to your business’s compliance policies

Database monitoring tools help track database performance and resources in order to create and maintain a high-performance and highly available application infrastructure.

 Choosing the correct monitoring tools can improve efficiency, response time, and overall user satisfaction. Our team can conduct a vendor agnostic package evaluation to give you the best option based on your environment. This service also complements our 24×7 monitoring and maintenance plan.

24×7 monitoring, ie our MMT365 plan, is a process that comes with 24/7/365 support for all your needs, ensuring your database lives up to its potential and delivers maximum value. 

Our database health assessment is another great resource for monitoring database activity. Solvaria provides a detailed analysis of the health and performance of your servers to establish a baseline for addressing any potential performance issues. This customized process delivers a detailed picture of outstanding issues, pointing the database administration team toward solutions that will address those problems. The assessment covers a wide range of topics including monitoring for:

  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Scheduled Tasks\Job Failures
  • Scheduled Tasks\Job Owners
  • Database Instance Alerts
  • Database success\failure Operators

What Kind of Database Activity Is Being Monitored?

  • Suspicious user activity
  • Database changes
  • Query performance
  • System outages, user errors, and failed queries 

Why Database Activity Monitoring is Important

  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Strengthens database security and privacy
  • Helps optimize performance
  • Provides insight into database health

Who Can Benefit from Database Activity Monitoring?

Any organization can benefit from database activity monitoring, especially if you’re noticing

  • Slow or Inconsistent Application Performance

If your database’s performance has suffered over time and queries are no longer as effective or efficient as they were, expert troubleshooting and problem remediation are warranted.

  • Outdated Database Versions or Audit Remediation

If your database version is out of support, it pays to have an expert guide you through an upgrade.

  • Unanswered Database Alerts

If you have few or no internal IT staff members, it may be impossible for you to respond to database alerts. Having experts with eyes on your database ensures health problems are detected and resolved before they have time to drag down overall performance.

Get started with our customizable Database Maintenance assistance or comprehensive MMT365 package today.