What is database migration?

Database migration involves moving data from one platform to another. Your company might move to or from the Cloud, or between companies such as SQL and Oracle or SQL on-prem to Azure. 

What Database Migration Looks Like

Are you considering a database migration? Or moving from one Database Management System (DBMS) to another? Maybe a combination of both? Our team of experts will review the applications you’re currently running and determine if your organization has the capability to achieve your desired data migration. 

To achieve a successful database migration, Solvaria follows a set of proven best practices that include:

  • Data mapping
  • Data extraction from source
  • Data scrubbing
  • Data transformation
  • Loading data into destination database platform

What Solvaria Can Do For Your Company

A database migration, when done right, can have multiple benefits. Solvaria’s data migration guidance can help your organization achieve:

  • Licensing cost savings
  • Improved database performance
  • Data consolidation
  • Improved database security
  • Modernization of the environment

If your organization is going through a data migration and needs assistance, contact one of our expert DBAs to learn more.

Migration To And From The Cloud

How do you want to migrate your database with the most cost-efficiency? Wherever you are pulling your data, Solvaria will work with you to define and refine your goals for migration. After narrowing down your business’s specific parameters (no two companies have the exact same needs!), our DBAs will help move your data to or from the Cloud platform that best suits your business.

Migration Within The Cloud

There are many different Cloud providers. How and where are you building your database to be the quickest, most optimized, and most cost-efficient version? What are your company’s priorities? Solvaria’s DBAs can answer all these questions and more as we find the best Cloud provider for your company. Solvaria will see your project all the way through. Having so many options can be overwhelming – let’s make it empowering with the right help!