What is the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity? 

Protecting your database and preventing disarray in the case of disaster is an essential part of your data security strategy. When it comes to safeguarding your business against disruptions, understanding the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity is crucial. Unpack strategies to confront database disruptions with confidence in our blog post on minimizing downtime

What is Disaster Recovery? 

The main goal of disaster recovery is to minimize downtime and data loss by quickly recovering critical systems and information after disaster strikes. Whether your server crashes, or your environment is compromised by a cyberattack, disaster recovery is a restoration mechanism.  

What is Business Continuity? 

Business continuity takes a broader approach, and considers the people, processes, and resources involved both during and after a disaster. Business continuity plans often include things like emergency response protocols, remote work setups, and backup suppliers to keep operations running smoothly. 

Unpacking Key Differences between Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 

Disaster recovery is a reactive measure, that focuses on restoring systems after a disaster. Business continuity is a proactive measure, that aims to keep things running smoothly even amidst disruptions. Disaster recovery has a short-term focus, getting systems back online quickly, while business continuity is all about the long game, ensuring your business can weather any storm. While the scope and priorities of these two strategies differ, both techniques are important tools for disaster management. 

Why does it matter? 

Supporting a resilient database demands robust strategies. As you work to achieve and maintain a high-performance database armed with top tier data security, understanding the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity can help clarify your response in the event of disaster. 

Balancing both approaches can help to position your business to successfully prepare, navigate, and recover in emergencies. Fortify your database and protection strategies with the support of our expert team