B2B Rebrands as Solvaria

October 11, 2016


B2B Solutions Rebrands as Solvaria

Established, Richmond-based IT Consultancy Announces New Name, New Brand and Laser-focused Approach

June 29, 2016

Richmond, Va., – B2B Solutions, a Richmond-based, boutique IT consulting firm founded in 1997, has rebranded as Solvaria. This rebrand comes three years after the company changed ownership and recognized a demand for specific services not readily available in the Richmond market.

As an active member of Richmond’s IT community for the last 19 years, B2B Solutions provided a variety of IT services including project management, business analysis, application testing, database management and ITIL training. Following the change in ownership in 2013, the company’s leadership recognized its customers were placing increased importance on two specific areas of their businesses: their data and their people. To accommodate the growing needs from customers in these two areas, the company began focusing exclusively on leveraging technology expertise to better support its customers in Database Services and Strategic Technology Leadership. As a result of this change in focus, the company has experienced double-digit sales growth in 2014 and 2015 and has hired seven new consultants to support the Richmond office. With both divisions of the business showing a 50% increase in revenue in the first half of 2016, the company plans to cement this trajectory of growth as Solvaria by serving as the only Richmond-based firm offering a laser-focused, tailored approach to support its customers’ data and its people.

The two divisions of the business are comprised of exclusively senior-level database experts and former CIOs and CTOs who are currently supporting dozens of organizations in both full time and supplemental roles. Solvaria will to continue to pursue its key verticals of insurance, transportation, manufacturing, nonprofits and healthcare / pharma, while also focusing on expansion throughout the region.


“At our core, Solvaria is a company devoted to providing strategy and technology-based solutions to our customers, and that has been our goal since 1997,” said Greg Samuels, CEO at Solvaria. “However, our company has evolved alongside our customer’s needs, and we realized our brand no longer reflected who we are. After spending the last year defining who we are as a company in 2016, we have adopted Solvaria not only as a name, but as a culture and place as well. Solvaria is a place where professionals get paid to be in the hot seat and come up with solutions to keep businesses running. We are all more than just ‘industry veterans’ who have been working for a long time. We are the best in the industry and experts in our fields of data and people.”

Jennifer Evans
Director of Marketing, Solvaria



Solvaria is a boutique IT consulting firm leveraging technology experts to support the two most important pieces of a business – its data and its people. Founded in 1997, Solvaria is comprised of the region’s top talent in IT, including exclusively-senior level database experts and former Chief Information and Technology Officers, all of whom are focused on providing customers with technology-based solutions geared to drive business forward.