I'm having database performance issues.

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We provide a customized full-scale audit on your SQL Server or Oracle database instances. Our comprehensive, prioritized report will give you a detailed analysis of the health and performance of your servers to establish a baseline for addressing any potential performance issues. Areas covered by the assessment include:

  • Server Performance 
    • Server Waits 
    • Server Memory 
    • Blocking
    • Deadlocking
    • Database Page Corruption
    • Database Statistics 
    • Index Fragmentation 
    • Query Performance
    • TempDB Performance 
    • Database File IO Stalls
  • Server Stability 
    • Server Path Level 
    • Database Maintenance 
    • Server Errorlog
    • Database Backups 
  • Windows Server
    • CPU Utilization 
    • Memory Utilization 
    • Disk IO Latency 
    • Disk Utilization

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